More than just a housing relocation company.


Lodestone is more than just a real estate team – it's a family. When we built our Relocation Services we handpicked these fine benefits to serve you and our community.



Corporate Relocation

You’ve just hired a great employee from out of town; now what? Let us handle the rest. From picking the perfect home to coordinating moving and school registration, we are your one stop shop for making sure your clients feel welcome in their new hometown of Charlotte.


Individual Relocation

Looking to move to Charlotte? Unsure of where to start? Moving can be overwhelming, but not when you have us working for you. Let us get you started and on your way to calling Charlotte home. We will walk you through each step of the process, from choosing a home to figuring out where to shop, dine, and enjoy all the Queen City has to offer.


Settle In 

Here are a few of the services we will coordinate for you:

  • Moving company: everything from packing to unpacking

  • Homeowners insurance

  • North Carolina DMV services

  • Home renovation: we will help you hire the right companies for the job and oversee the process to make sure your home is done right and on time

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Senior Services

Downsizing? Looking for a new home for your parents? Whatever your need, we are here to meet and exceed it. There are many opportunities in Charlotte for residents 55 and older, with more being built every day. From elder-friendly communities to assisted living, let us find the perfect home to put you and your loved ones' minds at ease.


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